JAN. 5:  Here I am, in my “artist’s lair,” creating.  Today’s activity was small, but moving in the right direction.  After creating posts for today, I clicked around the Blogosphere to connect with “friends.”

Then, as I promised myself, I opened the Word document that contains my current WIP.  I reread what I had finished the last time I was here—which was actually a week or so ago!—and I began.

One of my vows is to always leave off at a point that excites me.  A place that I’ll want to return to on my next foray into the creative exploration.

So that’s what I did.

More next time!

JAN. 7:  Yesterday, I spent a lot of time on “tweaking” this blog, but today, I’ve already written three pages of my newest book.  Hopefully, I’ll return to it later today, because I stopped at a place of “suspense,” in which my primary character has encountered a frightening situation.  That’s all I’m going to say about that right now, but this means that I’ll be anxious to get back there.  In the interim, I’ll be thinking about escape routes for her!


JAN. 8:  Today being the first day of Bloggiesta, I have suspended my “creative enterprise” for the moment.  Today I accomplished a number of tasks, which I’ve been able to cross off my list.  Check the Home page blog post for my progress!  I’ve been learning all kinds of new things and I’ve visited some new blogs.  So much fun!


JAN. 12:  The weekend Bloggiesta took my attention away from my WIP, but today I’m back.  I’ve only finished a page so far today, but I’m coming back later.

JAN. 14:  Today, after rereading several passages I wrote in the past few days, I went back and inserted something into a part of the story that seemed to fit…it was something I’d started and then set aside, because it didn’t work with where I was going at that moment.

I’ve introduced a new character, a neighbor of Jillian’s, and I’m filling in his back story and surrounding Jillian with a new friend.  What will develop between these two remains to be seen.

I’ve also filled in some story with the characters Sheila and Marianne, who are “friends,” but not so supportive at times.  They pop up occasionally, and Jillian reaches out to them only when she’s feeling that her social life needs attention.

A frightening event in Jillian’s life has brought her neighbor David into her world.  As the repercussions unfold, we will learn more about each of the players.

JAN. 15:  Today I’ve reviewed everything I’ve written, from the beginning, and filled in some details on some of the characters, writing a few scenes not previously included.  As I conclude, I realize that I’ve added three pages to the total in this exercise.


JAN. 28:  I’ve introduced some new characters:  first, a few days ago, we met one of Jillian’s neighbors, a social worker named David Thornton…and now we’re filling in the story for another neighbor, Ernestine Creighton.  As she watches the world on the street where she lives, she reflects back on her own life.  And now we’re meeting her granddaughter Fiona, an artist.


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