The Bridge to Success

For the last two (or maybe three) rounds, I haven’t participated actively in ROW 80.

But I haven’t been idle.  Slowly but surely I’ve been reworking (editing, rewriting, tweaking) Interior Designs, and I’m posting snippets every week for Sweet Saturday Samples.

This morning, I finally finished!  I think it really is complete…

So now I’m ready to go back to Defining Moments, which still needs more editing, polishing, etc.

Where we left off at my last round, I had sent both WIPs out to Beta readers, and I’ve been putting that input to use in my editing process.

For this next round:

1)  Spend 30 minutes a day editing Defining Moments;

2)  Post snippets on Sweet Saturday samples;

3)  Prepare to publish Interior Designs, which will include resuming conversations with my publishing consultant at Create Space;

4)  Interact with others within the challenge and support the efforts of other participants.




12 thoughts on “ROUND 3 — ROW 80 2012: BACK IN THE SADDLE — JUNE 25

  1. Sounds like a plan! Great goals. I agree, this group helps, it keeps me in line. I really missed everyone and am glad to be back. Your goals are definitely the kind I would love to aim for. Happy writing!

    • I guess that there are several different layers to Create Space, and when a writer “buys” a package (and there are several available), the person who arranges and guides the writer through the process is the publishing consultant.

      I don’t know anything about the free format; I only used the package deal. When I published my first five books, Create Space was Book Surge, but this time around, I’m already “consulting” with someone at Create Space.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lauralynn, and enjoy your next round.

  2. It is that interacting with others which needs the fine balance. Do it too much and you don’t have anything left to write with. Do it too little and you start talking to the wall.

    See you around over the next 80 days.

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