The Bridge to Success

For the last two (or maybe three) rounds, I haven’t participated actively in ROW 80.

But I haven’t been idle.  Slowly but surely I’ve been reworking (editing, rewriting, tweaking) Interior Designs, and I’m posting snippets every week for Sweet Saturday Samples.

This morning, I finally finished!  I think it really is complete…

So now I’m ready to go back to Defining Moments, which still needs more editing, polishing, etc.

Where we left off at my last round, I had sent both WIPs out to Beta readers, and I’ve been putting that input to use in my editing process.

For this next round:

1)  Spend 30 minutes a day editing Defining Moments;

2)  Post snippets on Sweet Saturday samples;

3)  Prepare to publish Interior Designs, which will include resuming conversations with my publishing consultant at Create Space;

4)  Interact with others within the challenge and support the efforts of other participants.