My Creative Journey

I know that changing a blog name can be confusing to readers and followers.  But I realized that the theme of this blog is more than just about the creative moments in our lives; it’s about a journey.

It started gradually, and then I began seeing the process differently.  When I changed my tagline here to “we have miles to go,” to reflect the themes in one of my novels (and the Robert Frost poem), I made the decision.

A blog name change requires other changes, too, like adding the new name to Facebook, my website, and the “other blogs” pages of all my sites.  But I decided it was worth it.

Over at my website, you’ll notice the “journey” theme, too.  Not in the title of my site, but the images and tagline there.

I’ve completed the changeover at my various sites and pages…at least I hope that I haven’t missed anything!

The last realization was the text on my blog button here.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy the journey with me, and add your thoughts whenever you come to visit.

Do you ever decide to make subtle or dramatic changes?  In the design, name, themes of your blog(s)?  I hope you’ll share your story.